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Welcome to Walk for Kate, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to raising awareness of and finding a cure for brain tumors. We are actively raising funds to research and fight this disease by getting active ourselves, walking toward a cure one step at a time.

Brain tumors are non-discriminatory--they can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social standing or occupation. At this time, there are no known causes for brain tumors; however, studies are ongoing. Complete and accurate data on all primary brain tumors is needed to provide for investigations of their causes and research leading to improved diagnosis and treatment.

These tumors can change an individual`s personality, as well as his or her ability to communicate, walk, or see. Patients may no longer be able to work, and the impact of a brain tumor affects all those intimately involved with the patient. The cure rate for most brain tumors is significantly lower than that for many other types of cancer.

Currently, brain tumor research is under-funded and the general public remains unaware of the magnitude of this disease. The five-year relative survival rate following diagnosis of a primary brain tumor (excluding some tumor types) is about 30%. For some tumors (such as glioblastomas), survival rate is less than 5%.

There is a long way to go in fighting brain tumors, but there is hope on the horizon. Walk for Kate strides to raise funds to help give brain tumor organizations the resources they need to research cures and treatments. Together, all of us can walk all over brain tumors.

We have now walked over 3,000 miles! Thank you very much for your past support and let`s make 2013 even better!